Copying EC2 Instances Between Regions

On Amazon AWS EC2, there are different regions. Presently there are three regions. EU-West, US-West, and US-East. To move/copy instances between regions is not trivial, and is not possible using the GUI (either elasticfox or amazon console).

The following is what has worked for me to copy from EU-WEST to US-WEST:

Determine the name of the bucket your current instance is stored at

The bucket name is usually part of the manifest url and is something of the form:

Determine suitable kernel and ramdisk ids in the target region

Each AMI image requires references to suitable kernels and ramdisks. This references differ from region to region, so suitable ids need to be researched for your target region. For best results, select akis and aris that are as close as possible to those in the original region

ec2-describe-images -o amazon --region $target_region | grep $kernel_description

Using the API tools provided by Amazon, run the following Command

./ec2-migrate-image -o $Access_Key -w $Access_Password --region eu-west-1 --bucket $name_of_existing_bucket --destination-bucket $new_bucket_in_us --manifest $manifest_name.manifest.xml --location us-west-1 --kernel=$suitable_kernel_id --ramdisk=$suitable_ram_disk_id

Note: Transferring ECB blocks currently needs to be done out of band. This involves using rsync, dd, or equivalent.



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