Grails pro tip: front-end dev and the resources plugin

I love the resources plugin than now comes by default with Grails. So much so I've authored or contributed to a number of related plugins. One frustrating aspect to the resources plugin had been the random hashy filenames I was seeing in development for all my client side files. In order to drill down into a particular javascript file for example, I had to examine the content of each file until I found the right one. Tedious it was, but finally I bit the bullet and went about looking for a solution. I added the following to the development section of my Config file, and now I see all the respective file names:
grails.resources.mappers.hashandcache.excludes = ['**/*.js','**/*.coffee']
Note: there is of course a means of completely disabling the resource processing, but would mean my coffeescript files would not be compiled.


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