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An Introduction to Apiary

While exploring what tools are available for documenting APIs, I came across a plucky startup from the Czech Republic called Apiary. Apiary is an API authoring and collaboration tool, that encourages UI first like design - except for APIs of course. In fact, document orientated design might be a more accurate moniker. You can write your Api in a structured syntax, and then publish that API into beautiful HTML documentation. You can collaborate with your colleagues, and customers alike, inviting them to give you feedback before you ever write a line of code.

Apiary aims to be the Github of the Api documentation space. It is a typically lofty goal from a startup, but from what I've seen so far, they have every chance of achieving it. Just as Github built on top of open-source tools, so too does Apiary with their own open-source initiative: API Blueprint. API Blueprint is an open source standard and toolkit for defining and parsing API documentation.

Blueprint Syntax There are curren…